Through Odyssey Advisory Services, you will be able to obtain advice and assistance in many Personal areas. Your specific requirements will be addressed in a customised Plan designed just for you.

Here you will be able to find information on some of the areas we can assist you with. Feel free to download the documents within each section and/or view the many videos we have available.

Life Protection Solutions

Life, Total & Permanent Disability, Trauma, Income Protection and Child Cover Insurance

Retirement Planning

Whether you are planning for retirement or already retired, we can assist you.


Personal Superannuation & SMSF.


Tax effective investment planning

Life Protection Solutions

Life Insurance 
(aka Death cover)

If you were to die or become terminally ill when people are still dependent on you to provide for them, life insurance pays a one-off amount (a ‘lump sum’) that your beneficiaries can use to continue living the life you had planned together, for example:

Continue living in the family home
Provide for their education
Cover living expenses
Pay off debts

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

If you suffered an accident or illness that meant you are permanently unable to work, TPD insurance pays you a one-off amount (a ‘lump sum’). You can use it for any purpose you like but usually people use it to:

Pay for home modifications and lifestyle changes
Pay for long term care and ongoing medical expenses
Pay off any debts – e.g. a mortgage, personal loans
Invest and fund an ongoing income

Trauma (aka Critical Illness) Cover

If you suffer one of the listed serious medical conditions – like cancer, heart attack, stroke or an accident – trauma insurance pays you a one-off amount (a “lump sum”). You can use it for any purpose you like but usually people use it to:

Pay for treatment costs over and above what is covered by Medicare or Health Insurance – and these can be very substantial.
Pay for the best treatment available (this could include treatment overseas).
Make lifestyle changes so they can focus on healing – like permanently reducing the number of days they work, making modifications their home such as ramps and rails, and funding a family member to take time off work to support them in their recovery.
Take some time off work or take a stress-free family holiday.
Invest to fund an ongoing income for their family.
Take pressure off their finances by reducing debt.

Income Protection

If you have an accident or suffer an illness that means you’re unable to work, or only work in a reduced capacity, once your sick leave runs out and you no longer earn your full income, how will you afford to live?

Income Protection insurance provides you with, typically, 75% of your usual salary in a monthly payment – so you can keep making loan repayments, stay on top of household expenses and also continue to generate savings for your future.


For most Australians, superannuation will be their biggest asset, aside from their home. We’ll explain the issues you need to consider and how to make your super work for you.

Retirement Planning

Sometimes retirement is thrust upon clients and other times it is planned. Regardless of your situation, we can help.
Like everything we do, this discussion starts with you and the life you want to live. We want to help you paint a detailed picture of your life both before and after retirement. From this starting point, we’ll look at a range of strategies to ensure you get the most out of the system as you move forward.


We can help you build an investment portfolio that’s right for you, assist with which assets to invest in, and how to manage risk.